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As Custom Blend Specialists, we can provide you with anything and everything you could ever dream up to perfect your personal makeup collection!
We offer customized Liquid Foundations, BB Creme, Powder Foundation, Flawless Finish Therapy Powder, Blushes, Bronzer, Creme Shadow, Brow Powder, and more!

* Completely customizable

* Mineral based

* Infused with botanicals

* Talc-free, fragrance free and non-comedogenic 

* Micro-pulverized powders

* Highly pigmented 


* Fondation/Power creates the canvas to which all other products are applied 

* Foundations/Powders are the hardest products for a women to find.

* When properly color-matched, foundations and powder should be invisible, giving your skin a       flawless look, and a beautiful glow!


* Liquid Foundations/Powder Foundations

* Custom Color Correctors/Concealers

* Highlighters/Shimmer Powders

* Bronzers/Blush

* Brown Powder/Brow Pomade

* Eye Shadow Cream/Powder

* Lip Stain/Lip Gloss

* And More.............

Client Testimonials:

Mary Ann C.: "It’s personally custom to your own skin tone and what type of skin you have. You can have light, medium or full coverage and you can have it made darker for the summer months when you have a tan. It’s all natural ingredients too!!"

Kim B.: "It’s perfect cause I have 3 different complexions and with that it makes me look really good and not shining crazy like other makeup it’s worth every penny."


Kamille R.: "I love the custom blend it was made to fit my skin complexion .the custom blend give my skin a naturally even glow and it us very easy to rub on my arms and legs , even my face and the full coverage is amazing.. It doesn't appear as I have on makeup at all."

Yvonne J.: "I love my custom blend. It looks so natural. everyone notices when I wear it. I get so many compliments about how good my face looks."

Michelle V.: "I love my custom Blend!!!!! It is so hard for me to find a match. In the stores, I would either look "pasty" or like a creamsicle. I stopped using foundation for a while because the brand I was using, Origins was smothering my skin and making me perspire upon application. With custom blend, my skin breathes, looks natural, and it hides my imperfections. BTW....I'll be 50 in November!"