Custom Solutions for the Professional

Salon owners and spas have gradually been losing billions of sales

dollars because professional products became so readily available over the counter at retail outlets.


Retailing is the life line of your business. It’s time to take control back

and offer products not found in stores. Customized beauty is the new solution, are you capitalizing on this trend?

Offering your clients the unique opportunity of customizing their supplementation, skincare and cosmetic collection, will set you apart

from the rest. Having the right products and services are more

important than ever before. By educating you, the Salon/Spa or

Makeup Artist on how to implement customized solutions into your routine services we can increase share of customer and improve revenue.

The Global Beauty and Personal Care Products market is anticipated to grow from $432.7 billion in 2016 to $750 billion by 2024! Are you getting your share?

Your clients are already spending money on cosmetics else were!

Why not with you? Your clients are looking for the right supplementation for their hair, skin and nails, why not have a customized solution for them?

Together we can assess opportunities within your salon/spa or

makeup artistry and develop strategies to implement customized solutions, creating effective and target promotions to boost revenue

and profits. By leveraging your existing client base we will create a buzz, increase referrals and customer loyalty.


Let’s rev up your revenue and boost your bottom line! We look forward to working with you and creating a buzz. Contact us today and schedule a 20 minute free consultation.

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